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The only fully biodegradable ...

The sustainable drinking bottle made of healthy material, completely free from harmful substances

Fully biodegradable water bottle, even microplastics are safely degraded for biological cycles

Fully recyclable, no downcycling

Neutral odor and taste, Weight: 210 Grams

Large opening, easy to fill and easy to clean

Fits in every common bottle holder - e.g. on the bike

Carabiner eyelet for convenient and secure attachment

All items sold separately

Suitable for cold drinks up to max. 45°C

The lightweight bio degredable BAYONIX® BOTTLE is environmentally friendly.


The first sports bottle which have been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ certification standard at the "gold" level.

A very lightweight bottle in which the liquid is 100% surrounded by a material free of harmful substances!

The first Sports Bottle which is 100% biodegreedable and 100% recycable.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ is a trademark of C2CPII.

The cause - our motives

89 billion litres of water are put into plastic bottles worldwide every year. In Germany alone, 1500 plastic bottles are consumed every second. Around 80% of these bottles end up in the garbage. In Germany, around 800 million of these bottles are in circulation, so every year approximately 5-600 million plastic bottles are thrown away in this country.

Worldwide, 35 billion plastic bottles land annually in landfills and our oceans.

Bottled water causes 90 to 1000 times more environmental pollution than tap water.

For the production of commercially available disposable plastic bottles, approximately 3 litres of water are needed for the production of each bottle and approximately as much oil as one million cars consume per year.

Between Hawaii and the American mainland there is an island as big as Central Europe made from accumulated plastic waste. It is estimated to weigh over three million tons. Scientists have calculated that six times as much plastic as plankton floats in the sea. When broken down into microplastics it can reach our plates via the food chain.

 A commercially available disposable plastic bottle takes about 450 years to degrade naturally. Raw materials are running low and the quality of raw materials is deteriorating due to recycling. We currently use 1.6 times more than nature can regenerate at the same time.

The dangers of solvents and plasticizers such as phthalates, antimony, bisphenol A and many more in food packaging and plastic bottles have now reached many minds.

As early as 2009, Frankfurt scientists proved that mineral waters filled in commercial plastic bottles and purchased in German supermarkets contain hormonally active pollutants. Hormonal pollutants can massively damage the hormone system and thus contribute to serious health problems such as immunodeficiencies and inability to move forward.

Fetuses and young children, where even the slightest concentrations can lead to subsequent damage are particularly at risk.

One Way Out - The Sustainable Material Design of the BAYONIX® BOTTLE

Huge amounts of natural resources are wasted on disposable beverage packaging. You can also take your favourite drink with you in a refillable bottle.

The "BAYONIX® Bottle", biodegradable, safe for humans, society, water and the environment, the recyclable sports bottle was born from the idea of offering people a durable and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic with the aim of freeing the environment as well as humans and animals from disposable products.

The BAYONIX® bottle does not smell like plastic, nor does the beverage inside. You can only taste the filled drink and only this one. The BAYONIX® bottle is food-safe. It is lighter than glass bottles, aluminium bottles and steel bottles, yet robust and leak-proof. 

Longevity contributes decisively to the energy balance because the longer a product lasts, the less energy is needed to produce a new product. BAYONIX® Bottle is also equipped with a snap hook so that it can be easily attached to the belt bag, schoolbag, sports bag and backpack.

The material of bottle, lid, cap and all ingredients (polymer, additives, catalyst, color masterbatch) are safe for biological cycles and therefore safe for human animal and environment. This means no harmful ingredients. It is completely recyclable. (Recycled materials are recycled plastics from so-called post-consumer waste, which are plastics that have been disposed of at least once after use as part of a household or commercial waste.) If the material ends up as waste on the earth or in the sea, it is used by Microorganisms decomposed without residue.

The use of renewable raw materials as raw materials seemed to us to be the wrong way forward. Additives would have to be added to achieve the properties of plastics. This means that the material would not be harmless to groundwater, animals, plants and humans or biodegradable.

Decomposition could take hundreds of years and even the smallest form of microparticles would be dangerous for living beings. They would end up on our plates along the food chain. In addition, the enormous demand for agricultural land for the production of raw materials would compete with world food and the conservation of primeval forests.

For this reason, the BAYONIX® bottle is made of a petroleum-based polymer, in which all the materials, chemicals and dyes used are completely environmentally friendly. This means that the entire bottle can be safely returned to biological or technical cycles, either by industrial composting or by decomposing the product into its individual parts, which can then be recycled, using a Cradle to Cradle Certified? certified polymer, which has reached the highest level of material health "platinum". The BAYONIX® Bottle have also been awarded the Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ certification standard at the "gold" level. 

To achieve a coherent concept, the BAYONIX® bottle is constructed exclusively from this polymer. Additional materials such as seals, coatings and imprints were deliberately dispensed with. In this way, the absolute purity of the material is guaranteed and the liquid is 100% surrounded by a material free of harmful substances.

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