The first completely biodegradable bottle

Completely loss-free recyclable without having to add new material or additives, Simply shred and a new product can be created.

Healthy material, completely free of pollutants, proven by migration test and scientifically evaluated for Cradle to Cradle certification.

Can be processed into biogas and humus through special, industrial composting and It is therefore suitable for biological cycles and does not leave any microplastics behind.

Waterproof without sealing rubber, completely odourless and tasteless like glass.

All individual parts are available separately as spare parts. Weight: 210g

Carabiner eyelet on the lid for convenient and secure fastening.

c2c gold


The drinking bottle, which is completely manufactured in Bavaria.


The first and only drinking bottle to be awarded the "GOLD" level according to the strictest Standard for sustainability and recyclability, the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Product Standard, in the field of material health even rated "PLATIN". 

That must change

Every year, at least 8 million tons of plastic escape into the ocean - the equivalent of the contents of a garbage truck dumped into the ocean every minute. It is expected that by 2025 the ocean will contain one ton of plastic per 3 tons of fish and by 2050 more plastic than fish (by weight).The 150 million tonnes of plastics currently in the ocean contain about 23 million tonnes of additives, some of which are of great concern. It is estimated that about 225,000 tonnes of such additives could be released into the ocean each year. Most plastics do not decompose but decompose into microplastics that take centuries to decompose. Microplastics can absorb pollutants and reach our plates via the food chain. Researchers have found microplastics all over the planet, in mountain lakes as well as in the Antarctic. The particles have been found not only in animal stomachs but also in the blood of marine animals.

The solution: BAYONIX® BOTTLE

The BAYONIX® BOTTLE, biodegradable, safe for humans, society, water and the environment, the recyclable sports bottle was born from the idea of offering people a durable and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic with the aim of freeing the environment as well as humans and animals from disposable products.

The BAYONIX® BOTTLE does not smell like plastic, nor does the beverage inside. You can only taste the filled drink and only this one. The BAYONIX® BOTTLE is food-safe. It is lighter than glass bottles, aluminium bottles and steel bottles, yet robust and leak-proof. 

Longevity contributes decisively to the energy balance because the longer a product lasts, the less energy is needed to produce a new product. BAYONIX® BOTTLE is also equipped with a snap hook so that it can be easily attached to the belt bag, schoolbag, sports bag and backpack.

The material of bottle, lid, cap and all ingredients (polymer, additives, catalyst, color masterbatch) are safe for biological cycles and therefore safe for human animal and environment. This means no harmful ingredients. It is completely recyclable. (Recycled materials are recycled plastics from so-called post-consumer waste, which are plastics that have been disposed of at least once after use as part of a household or commercial waste.) If the material ends up as waste on the earth or in the sea, it is used by Microorganisms decomposed without residue.

The BAYONIX® BOTTLE is made of a petroleum-based polymer, in which all the materials, chemicals and dyes used are completely environmentally friendly. This means that the entire bottle can be safely returned to biological or technical cycles, either by industrial composting or by decomposing the product into its individual parts, which can then be recycled, using a Cradle to Cradle Certified? certified polymer. The BAYONIX® Bottle has been rated "GOLD" according to the certification standard Cradle to Cradle Certified™, in the field of material health even at the highest level "PLATIN". You can eat it.

To achieve a coherent concept, the BAYONIX® BOTTLE is constructed exclusively from this polymer. Additional materials such as seals, coatings and imprints were deliberately dispensed with. In this way, the absolute purity of the material is guaranteed and the liquid is 100% surrounded by a material free of harmful substances.

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