BAYONIX® is a high-tech company based on consistent sustainability. BAYONIX® develops, manufactures and sells products that are sustainable, i. safe for humans, society, water and the environment. We only use plastics that are biodegradable and whose chemistry is safe for humans and nature. The materials decompose completely, even if they end up in the sea, whether as a bottle or as a microplastic.

We are firmly convinced that sustainability and high-tech are not mutually exclusive, but must complement each other. Our initiatives and innovations contribute to shaping a modern world for future generations. The aim of BAYONIX® is to market products that have unique product properties and have a positive impact on society and the environment. BAYONIX® products should be innovative, creative and future-oriented. 

Every day, we spend a lot of time and development work to make our products even better in terms of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to develop products that go beyond standards, because standards are the death of innovation. We cannot accept limits in this respect! For this reason, we do not want to introduce standards for products and materials, but rather constantly develop further. But the core lies in the innovation of the materials, the chemical ingredients, which, in terms of product properties and recyclability, puts the existing question into question. 

Production is also constantly being optimised with regard to sustainability aspects and environmentally friendly behaviour and is strictly oriented towards quality. It's not about repairing and recycling. It's about getting it right from the beginning. We offer our customers high-quality and versatile products at a fair price-performance ratio. 

BAYONIX® products are manufactured according to the Cradle to Cradle® principle. Whoever uses BAYONIX® products is doing something good and for the environment! We also have ourselves audited by independent accredited experts and strive for the Cradle to Cradle certificate. 

Our Philosophy

Looking away in the past has repeatedly brought societies into critical situations. Here, BAYONIX® wants to assume its responsibility and actively observe it. We want to minimise the potential negative effects of our actions on future generations. Our ecological footprint should not necessarily be the smallest, but certainly the best and most useful.

All people and ecosystems should be treated with respect and continuous progress towards a positive overall impact on  the environment and people should be achieved. We want to create trust, security and understanding. Active, trusting and partnership-based cooperation with all employees, suppliers and business partners for long-term relationships is very important to us. BAYONIX® wants to help shape the environment of tomorrow in a positive, clean and sustainable way.


Founder & Owner: Stefan Hunger

As a specialist in production and manufacturing technology as well as lean management and kaizen, I have always been interested in improvements of all kinds.

When I got to know the Cradle to Cradle principle in early 2015, the spark immediately jumped over. First of all, producing no waste, but working with raw materials that are 100 percent back into the circulation, that has convinced and leaves me since then no longer go.

But what happens if you try to incorporate this into the manufacturing technology of a normal operation? It immediately hails rejection in the form of "that does not work, because ..." or "that does not pay off". And it's true: one or the other will not work if you do not use additives or other problem substances.

But how much longer do we want to wait? As an active outdoor athlete, the increasing plastic garbage and poison problem, especially in waters and oceans, has long been a thorn in my side. And when I came across the Cradle to Cradle principle, I suddenly understood what we need to change if we want to stop the plastic garbage avalanche.Since then, I consider products to be the raw material for the future generations, which I regard as the most important factor for the future of our society.

Therefore, the time came when I quit. In the future, I only use my knowledge of production technology for 100% recyclable products. With BAYONIX® I want to make a contribution and create products that leave a positive ecological footprint.

I believe that we need a new industry. Quite one with technology and machines, but one that works only with recyclable products. I would be happy to connect with companies and people who also work on this vision.

Stefan Hunger in January 2018

The Founder and Owner of BAYONIX®



While many manufacturers now manufacture almost exclusively in the Far East, BAYONIX® is produced in South Germany, close to Munich. This is not just lip service or the borderline interpretation of legal texts. We actually develop and produce in Bavaria.

Developing and producing everything as locally as possible has been very important to us from the very beginning. This is why the entire procurement and service chain for BAYONIX® products is located in southern Germany. This prevents unnecessary transport routes, which is of great importance in terms of the resource-saving concept. Short transport routes mean low emissions.

All of our Products are 100% MADE IN GERMANY.




The BAYONIX® take-back system

Even after a long life span, disposal will follow at some point. Do it with a clear conscience. The sustainable BAYONIX® bottle is completely recyclable and completely harmless for biological cycles.


We want recycling economy, no downcycling and especially no disposal! That's why we offer our customers a 15% discount on a new BAYONIX® bottle when you return their old bottles to us. Together for the environment and available natural resources. 


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