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Is the BAYONIX® BOTTLE suitable for carbonated drinks?

The BAYONIX® BOTTLE is conditionally suitable for carbonated drinks. Due to the very high pressures, there may occasionally be leaks on the sealing surfaces.

Is the BAYONIX® BOTTLE leak-proof?

Yes, the BAYONIX® BOTTLE is completely waterproof even without additional seals! We seal over surfaces.

What is the volume of the BAYONIX® BOTTLE?

The BAYONIX® BOTTLE holds 0.75 liters.

Is shipping to Switzerland possible?

Yes, we supply the whole of Switzerland via our online shop.

Which EU countries are supplied?

We ship to the whole EU when placing an order in our online shop.

Which non-EU countries are supplied?

We supply Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway from our online shop.

Can you also pour hot drinks, such as coffee, into the BAYONIX® BOTTLE?

No, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. The BAYONIX® BOTTLE is suitable for cold drinks up to max. 45 ° C suitable.

In order to achieve a higher heat resistance, questionable chemistry would have to be added.

Since both the material health and the biodegradability were no longer guaranteed, we decided against it.


Can you throw the BAYONIX® BOTTLE into the organic waste?

No, the BAYONIX® BOTTLE is not allowed in organic waste!

This applies to all plastic products, regardless of whether they are compostable or not.

BECAUSE: The composting companys always sort out everything. You do not know which product completely decomposes, which does not decompose and which microplastic leaves behind.

What happens to the BAYONIX® BOTTLE when it is lost in nature?

The BAYONIX® BOTTLE is completely biodegradable. Neither pollutants nor microplastics remain.

Should the BAYONIX® BOTTLE be lost in the sea and rub against rocks, theoretically microplastic would remain.

But not with the BAYONIX® BOTTLE! The naturally occurring organisms can metabolize the residual material.

Thus, no microplastic remains in nature.

Of course, if she lies in a meadow, it will take much longer for the BAYONIX® BOTTLE to completely decompose.

After all, the reusable drinking bottle should, after all, also contain acidic fruit juices or coke for long periods without leakage.

Is the BAYONIX® BOTTLE really free of pollutants?

The BAYONIX® BOTTLE is made from an extra newly developed polymer that ensures that all materials, chemicals and dyes used are completely safe for the environment, animals and human. This allows the complete bottle to be safely returned to biological or technical circuits. The material is a Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ polymer that has achieved the highest level of material health '' PLATIN ''. An additional immigration test of more than 20 very harmful chemicals independently conducted by an accredited laboratory remained below the detection limit. The laboratory equipment could NOT discover anything!

How long does the BAYONIX® BOTTLE last?

For normal, gentle treatment, the BAYONIX® BOTTLE keeps reusable packaging used in the food sector just as long as it has been to date.

It does not differ in its lifetime from other commercial plastic food containers.

Does the BAYONIX® BOTTLE fit in a bicycle holder?

Yes, the BAYONIX® BOTTLE fits in every common bicycle holder. New plastic holders surround the BAYONIX® BOTTLE safely.

The older rigid holders can cause a rattling noise. Beware of fully sprung bicycles! It may happen that the BAYONIX® BOTTLE is too tall for the space in the sprung frame.

Can the BAYONIX® BOTTLE be put in the dishwasher?

The BAYONIX® BOTTLE is NOT dishwasher-safe because it can be used up to a max. 45 ° C.

In order to achieve a higher heat resistance, questionable chemistry would have to be added.

Since both the material health and the biodegradability were no longer guaranteed, we decided against it.

Are the BAYONIX® BOTTLE also available in other colors?

The BAYONIX® BOTTLE is currently available in the following colors: white bottle body and gray marbled lid.

Can the BAYONIX® BOTTLE also be purchased in a retail store?

The BAYONIX® BOTTLE can be purchased from our partners listed in the RETAILER section.

Are corporate customers also supplied?

Corporate clients get an individual, customized offer! Please contact us: info (at)

How can I pay in the online-shop?

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